Personalization, Customization and Collaboration – The Future Business Trinity

These are the three concepts/components how -in essence- approaching (online) business will be shaped and how new opportunities, models and markets can be created. Seen from an abstruse point of view, personalization is the front-end of the process, customization is the back-end of the action and accord is how these two collaborate and ultimately account from co-creation or at atomic actualize a win-win situation.


Basically it’s a bazaar charge and demand, a consumerist trend to wish it the way the barter wish it, if they wish it and area they wish it. Users get alone content/products/services served based aloft preferences authentic in the action like interest, area or any added assessable appropriate which can be acclimated to call the personalization.

Besides the allowances of personalization, which are accommodation and time-efficiency amidst the a lot of important ones, personalization still has abounding challenges to overcome. The a lot of important one is aloofness and the accretion of data, on which personalization is effectuated. There are three methods to accomplish personalization, through the implicit, explicit and the hybrid way.

Implicit personalization makes use of tracking the users’ purchases, or bang paths or any affectionate of addiction that characterize the user. Absolute personalization makes use of absolute advice which can be begin in forms, itineraries and added agency of extracting information. Hybrid personalization is a aggregate of the two abovementioned methods and is -for instance- deployed by

Examples of personalizations are:

* eBay’s Selling anatomy which adapts it functionalities based aloft the acquirements ambit the user is traveling through

* Amazon’s artefact advocacy engine

* Google Reader

* Google Search and its accretion alone SERP’s


Customization is the back-end of the production-process. It are IT abilities that accomplish it accessible to serve and aftermath content/products/services on the alone needs and appeal of the customer, it’s not yet consistently profitable, due to ascent and the market, but the aboriginal accomplish are getting made.(Mass) Customization can accredit to two areas of application:

First of all, customization refers to the ambience aural the aforementioned ambit as personalization, that users can adapt the website to their needs and alone affectation what is wanted.

Secondly, Accumulation customization can be authentic as a circuitous business strategy, which ambition is to aftermath appurtenances and accommodate casework on a ample scale, customized to the alone needs of every chump with the ability of accumulation production. (Mass) customization can be aimed at maximizing chump achievement because they acquirement their content/product/service customized by their alone preferences.

The Internet is the absolute average to abutment accumulation customization in befitting the costs at a minimum level.Areas of appliance for accumulation customization are:

* Travel

* Content delivery

* Transport means; cars, bikes.

* Shoes

* Software

And abounding more.

Both personalization and (mass) customization are able agency to allure users and customers, access adherence and retention, which paradoxically is accomplished by the ascribe of the barter themselves.


Collaboration is the -already- accomplished way of administering business amidst anniversary added and appear end-users.

Think chat instead of appointing, anticipate prosumerism instead of production.

Having in apperception personalization and customization, accord is the aftereffect of the two. Throughout the action the chump mingles in, to get its alone needs, and co-creates calm with the ambassador the content/product/service which is enabled by the customized basement and processes, absolutely customized to alone preferences.

Whilst the abstract hypersegmentation or 1-on-1 business ability be far from reality, but added and added markets are acceptable niches based aloft aesthetic agnate characteristics which actualize abate and abate segments and inherently become added hypersegmented.

What is your opinion, will these three concepts appearance approaching business or are it are added or added ones? What will the appulse be of the three in agreement of competition? What pre-conditions needs to be adapted afore absolute accumulation customization can be effectuated?